Below is some basic information that we’ve consolidated to assist you through the after-sale process leading up to and following building completion.


  • Construction Updates – While you’re awaiting the completion of your new home, we’ll keep you informed with construction update letters and reminders for the coming stages of the purchase process (legal, financial, etc.).
  • New Home Orientation – Approximately four-to-six weeks prior to the completion of your home, a Customer Care Representative will contact you to schedule a New Home Orientation – your first opportunity to walk through your home. Your orientation will be led by a Customer Care Representative who will familiarize you with the functions of your home, then help you compile a list of deficiencies that need attention. A follow-up appointment will then be scheduled to ensure that the items you noted during your orientation have been completed.
  • Completion– Once the building is granted occupancy, an official completion date will be determined. Formal notification will be communicated to you through your lawyer. This notice is sent 10 days in advance of the day that you are required to complete on your purchase.
  • Homeowner Manual – When you pick up the keys to your new home, you will also be given a Homeowner Manual. The manual covers everything about your new home from the paint colours that were used to instructions for your appliances, as well as general troubleshooting tips. This is a great resource that will help familiarize you with the operation of your home.


  • Getting Settled – Once you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll meet your Customer Care Representative who will act as a liaison, helping you wherever they can from completing a service request form, to showing you where to find the information you require.
  • Year One in Your New Home – We’ll work together with your building’s management company to provide you with round-the-clock service. Our team is available Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm to field any concern. All after-hour emergencies will be responded to by your building’s property management company.
  • Year End Service – Onni provides all homeowners an opportunity for a year-end review with a Customer Care Technician. Should you encounter any unfinished details or deficiencies during the first 12 months in your new home, simply write them down and keep a list. At the end of the first year in your home, submit a service request and we’ll schedule an appointment to visit your home and assess everything.