A green roof is an extension of a building’s roof that allows vegetation to grow. From a design standpoint, a green roof is an aesthetically pleasing architectural element. More importantly, it is also highly functional: it reduces storm water run-off, acts as sound insulation, and reduces the “heat island effect” (the rise in temperature associated with the urbanization of land). We generously implement green roofs on many of our developments, ranging from multi-family residential homes to industrial buildings.

Fremont Village- Port Coquitlam, BC

An expansive 150,000 square-foot green roof and a 63,700 square-foot green roof sit atop Fremont Village’s Walmart and Canadian Tire buildings, respectively. These green roofs reduce heating and cooling costs and naturally irrigate landscaped areas on and around the buildings by collecting and re-purposing storm water.


Evelyn – West Vancouver, BC

Sustainable design principles have been developed to guide the design and construction of Evelyn with the use of energy efficient appliances, storm water management principles, and the preservation of green spaces. In addition, Evelyn embodies its surroundings by employing the aesthetic and design of West Coast modernism. With an absence of unnecessary ornaments, Evelyn utilizes a combination of raw natural materials that fit within its environment, creating beauty unique to its setting and embracing nature.