At Onni, we’re proud to develop all-encompassing communities through sustainable design and building practices. By focusing on the environment, society, and economy, our developments bring value to the homeowner, the community, and the environment.

Environmental Sustainability

An integral part of New Westminster’s history since 1870, the land at Victoria Hill sat vacant for years until Onni developed Parkside.

We believe a part of our corporate responsibility is to reduce our environmental impact. By using Brownfield sites and urban infills, Onni repurposes areas that would otherwise remain untouched. Using a proven and well-defined process, we are able to clean development sites and remove contamination, turning the sites into vibrant communities.

Our sustainable design practices aim to lower energy consumption in our developments. We install energy-efficient appliances, solar hot water tubes, and high efficiency boilers to reduce electricity use. The architectural design of our Energy Star-rated windows maximizes natural light and views, while balconies create open air environments.

For increased longevity, we source locally manufactured and high-level recycled materials such as drywall, countertops, and concrete. Through a construction quality control system, we reduce waste and aim to recycle 75% of waste generated on each project. Our developments are designed in preparation for the future, with efficient garbage and recycling, bike lockers, urban rooftops and community gardens.

Social Sustainability

Port Moody’s newest development The Grande, is just steps from the vibrant community of Suter Brook Village and the new Evergreen Skytrain.

With more than just housing in mind, at Onni we build homes to increase quality of life. Our goal is to create dynamic and active communities to increase residents’ well-being. Centrally located for your convenience, our developments are centred around community centres, schools, transport, parks, retail, and commerce. With a high degree of walkability and accessibility, we build close to transportation hubs to encourage alternative transportation and allow for an efficient commute.

Economic Sustainability


Within walking distances of coffee shops, malls, and farmer markets, residents of Allwood Place have increased traffic to local businesses.

Supporting local is an important initiative to Onni. We strive to create opportunity and make a positive impact on the economy. Starting at the planning and development stage, we look to hire locally. New developments create jobs as well as drive traffic to local businesses, while we provide community amenity contributions for public services and facilities. We are dedicated to stimulating and maintaining economic growth, and creating thriving communities to support future generations.

Environmental Sustainability Features

Onni’s developments feature many environmentally sustainable components: