After Your Purchase:

  • Pre-Delivery Inspections – As the building nears completion, you will be contacted by an Onni Customer Care Representative to arrange a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). The PDI provides an opportunity for you to view your new home and familiarize yourself with the suite. Should you identify any outstanding details that need attending to; Onni will record these items and arrange for them to be corrected.
  • Interim Occupancy – Firm Occupancy Dates will be set in accordance with the guidelines set out by TARION; this date will indicate when you can move into your new home. Interim Occupancy periods are common with most developments however is not required. It is very important that you provide your updated bank and lawyer information to us well in advance of your Firm Occupancy Date to avoid any delays in delivering your keys.
  • Key Turn Over – In advance of your Firm Occupancy Date, you will be contacted by a Customer Care Representative to arrange pick up of your keys. Please note that confirmation of funds must be received prior to keys being given out.
  • Move In – Prior to your Firm Occupancy Date Onni will provide you with the appropriate contact information so you can schedule your move in time. All moves will need to be booked through your Property Manager to reserve an elevator. This reservation will ensure that the loading bay is available for your moving truck and that protective padding is installed to prevent the elevator from potential damage.
  • Completion Date – Once the building has been registered, a Completion Date will be set and you will take ownership of your new home. At this time, your lender will advance funds to Onni through your lawyer. Appraisals and inspections may be required by your lending institution so please ensure you are aware of what is needed and coordinate this well in advance of your closing date.

Service and Warranty:

  • 30 Day Form – Once you’ve moved into your new home, you are able to compile and submit a list of construction deficiencies found within your home. This list must be submitted to Onni or TARION within 30 days of occupancy.
  • Year One in Your New Home – We’ll work together with your building’s management company to provide you with round-the-clock service. Our team is available Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4pm to field any concern. All after-hour emergencies will be responded to by your building’s property management company.
  • Year End Service Form – Onni provides all homeowners an opportunity for a year-end review with a Customer Care Technician. Should you encounter any unfinished details or deficiencies during the first 12 months in your new home, simply write them down and keep a list. At the end of the first year in your home, submit a service request and we’ll schedule an appointment to visit your home and assess everything.