Abandoned or under-utilized sites are a keen focus for Onni. We see potential in these older industrial/commercial, or Brownfield, sites and are cognizant of the possibility of contamination caused by former industrial-type uses. We have a proven ability to reclaim these sites and develop them into vibrant communities.

With four decades of experience, Onni has a proven and well-defined process to clean a development site. Remediation of a Brownfield site involves many steps including asbestos abatement, building demolition and, often, the removal of contaminated soils. We meet all reporting requirements with various levels of government to obtain clean-site certificates for our developments.

Victoria Hill – New Westminster, BC

This site has been an integral part of New Westminster’s early history since the 1870’s. When it became obsolete, the 65-acre site sat vacant for years. Onni purchased the site knowing it needed remediation due to its use as a refuse dump, in addition to contamination from minor metal and hydrocarbon contaminants in the soil and ground water.

One unique feature of Victoria Hill is the centre pond, created to capture rainwater and post-development run-off that would otherwise be diverted into drains. The pond is encircled by a large boardwalk, and surrounded by beautiful landscaping and seating areas. While ducks splash in the pond, residents can enjoy the many century-old trees that Onni preserved throughout the property. Of the 65 acre site, only 25 acres will be developed; the remaining 40 will be dedicated green space.

Imperial Landing – Steveston, BC

This 29-acre site was originally home to a BC Packers fish-packing plant. The heavily contaminated site was fully remediated to residential standards and now boasts a vibrant community located right on the edge of the Fraser River. We have already built over 600 residences, comprised of low-rise condos, townhouses and single family homes. For further enjoyment of the waterfront, Onni built a two-kilometre boardwalk and several parks. This gathering space enhances the community feel and encourages neighbours to enjoy Steveston’s natural landscape.


Suter Brook Village – Port Moody, BC

Due to its former use as a steel foundry plant in the 1920s and as a fill site for excavated material in the 1970s, this 22-acre parcel of land was heavily contaminated when Onni first acquired it. Slag and a number of underground oil tanks were discovered across the site. Onni was able to remediate the property and transform it into a vibrant Urban Village and today over 55% of the development remains dedicated green space.

The development features salmon-spawning ponds, created to work with the natural ecosystem and regulated setbacks. Suter Brook Creek runs from the south to the north end of the property, and we ensured that this salmon habitat was left undisrupted. Preservation was our main concern, so we constructed ponds to act as spawning grounds. Over the past few years, the salmon have been thriving in this environment. Onni has worked diligently with the Department of Fisheries on release events at Suter Brook Creek to safeguard salmon spawning in the area for years to come.