Now that Spring is in full swing, we’re all about trading those winter wools for lighter linens. However, it’s not just our wardrobe that’s getting an overhaul. Incorporating elements of the new season into your abode can be just what you need to shed the cold and feel renewed with new sunny interiors. We asked Maxime Zentner from our Interior Design team to share a few tips on how to transition your home from dark winter decor to bright colour schemes with just a few simple changes.

Why is it important that your home reflect the Spring season?

Each season brings a new outdoor environment to play with and reflect in your homes design. Adding new pops of colour, texture and form can allow your space to feel up to the minute and acts as an opportunity to try a new look.

What are some easy and cost efficient ways to change up the home?

The home is all about pulling together pieces based on long term versus short term visions to create a seasonally versatile space.
Your long term vision includes the large investment pieces that you’ll have in your space for the foreseeable future which often includes your bed frame, couches, and dining table. Those pieces should be timeless, which can easily be achieved through neutral tones and a simplicity of form. Think of these pieces as the staple white T-shirt and jeans in your wardrobe.



On the other hand, your short term décor pieces are where you get to play and conveniently achieve that up to the minute feel in your home. Curtains, accent pillows, throw blankets, bedding, vases, wall art, table accessories, place mats, even a dedicated feature wall can allow your surroundings to instantly feel in the moment and reflect the current trends and season.

What are some of the biggest interior design trends this season?
2017 overall has been routed in the desire to connect to authenticity. Form is reflecting true function and simplicity while being balanced by a strong tie to nature driven through texture, material, pattern and colour.



Earth tone colour palettes, especially featuring a variety of green tones from lime to forest, add a freshness to your home while creating a subtle connection to the outside world. Don’t underestimate the impact that adding a few potted plants can have on your surroundings.

Incorporating patterns through your short term décor pieces will create a more curated aesthetic. Each pattern, whether geometric or organic, has a rooted history from ancient cultures. By pulling in special pieces that feature patterns which speak to you, your space will feel uniquely yours.

When you’re decorating/staging a new space, where do you draw inspiration from?


When creating a new design, inspiration is drawn from a connection between the location and environment of the home and design trends throughout architecture, fashion, and art. The goal is to evoke a feeling that is current, blended with a timeless charm.
Any other tips you’d like to share?
When it comes to design have some fun! Design and your home is meant to be an extended expression of yourself. Keeping the principles of design in mind, don’t be afraid to paint that wall with a pop of colour, mix patterns, and add texture.
Here are a few more design tips from Maxime!


A Transformable Space | A timeless couch and office nook furniture allows for playful patterns and accessories that can easily change with the season and trends. Mixing geometric and organic shapes tied together by the use of contrasting black, this space has character and visual dimension while feeling purposeful and pulled together, as seen in our Allwood Place display suite living room.


Staying On Trend | A cozy entertainment area can stay up to the minute by using flexible wall art rails. This system allows you to add trendy pops of colour, pattern, and visuals to keep your space feeling up to date, as seen in our Victoria Hill display suite entertainment room.