Whether you’re looking for your first industrial location or you’re in need of a larger building, choosing the right space is a critical decision. When making the choice, consider the top four things to look for before you seal the deal.


Golden Ears Business Park is the most diverse industrial business park in Metro Vancouver, boasting 1,500,000 sq. ft. of space.


  1. Location

First and foremost, the location of your industrial space is the most important factor to think about. Where you lease or buy will depend on your distribution needs. Do you transport goods via air or water? To minimize transportation costs and travel time, your space should be in close proximity to an airport or port.

Another part of the location to consider is how accessible the area is. Are the roads in good condition? Is there clearance for large trucks? Is traffic bad? In an industrial space, you’ll be dealing with transportation day in and day out. Making sure it’s easily reachable will ensure your business can thrive.


14271-14273 Knox Way is located in North Richmond, close to IKEA, Home Depot, and Staples, with convenient access to major transportation routes.


  1. Workforce Availability

To sustain operations, every business needs staff. Ask yourself what the community is like in the surrounding area. Is there a demand for jobs? How easy is it for employees to get to work? Being near public transportation is always beneficial when considering industrial real estate. The more well-connected the area, the more drawn employees will be to working there.

  1. Size

As industrial spaces are usually quite large, choosing the right size is an obvious criterion. While it’s important to ensure there is ample storage space, you don’t want to be left with jam-packed and unorganized shelves.

Keep in mind the direction your business is heading. If you’re growing, you will likely need more space in the coming years. However, too much space can also be an issue. If your warehouse is too big, you’ll have empty, unused square footage that you’re paying for.


Campbell Heights West is a high quality development in South Surrey catering to light impact industrial users.


  1. Layout

Once you’ve established the size you’re looking for, focus on the layout. Consider ceiling height and column spacing. Is there enough room to maneuver large equipment and machinery, or will it be restricting? Think about what you’ll be storing and the type of operations being conducted, and if the industrial space can accommodate these.

From the Tri-Cities through to Richmond and Surrey, we have industrial real estate available in various parts of Metro Vancouver. Our experienced commercial real estate team can help you navigate the best industrial space for your business, contact our leasing team for more information.