When dealing with a modestly sized room, every inch counts. Even a small amount of clutter can turn your place into an unorganized mess. The key to managing your space is to maximize what you do have to compensate for what you don’t. Here are our three hacks to trick the eye and give the illusion airy abode.



Having strategically placed mirrors throughout your space opens up the interiors and gives the illusion of a more spacious area. Use a focal point (such as aa window if you have one) and angle your mirror towards the light. This will create depth and reflect light to make your room brighter and seemingly larger.

Clever Storage


Storage is hard to come by when working with a small space, but it’s essential to keep your rooms tidy and organized. That means it’s time to get creative and start looking at every nook and cranny as potential storage space. It will be interesting for students who live in the college dormitory. So we advice to buy papers on Buyessayfriend.com to have free time to tidy up your room. Consider sliding storage boxes under your bed, installing shelving on your walls, and hanging anything you can; the more storage solutions you find, the larger your living areas will feel.

Keep It Light


Throw your coveralls on because it’s time for a new coat of paint! Bringing in light colors will make any room appear bigger and brighter. This technique allows natural light (or artificial light) to bounce off the walls and lighten up your space. Be wary of using dark colors; they will absorb your light and make your room look smaller. Instead, try using soft tones of blue, green, and off-white to get the best effect.

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