There’s nothing like a new school year (and hopefully some extra time on your hands without the kids) to give you a fresh perspective. Now is the perfect time to turn your children’s disorganized playroom or bedroom into something more inspired.

Children’s rooms are a multi-functional place for them to play, read, do their homework, and hang out with their friends. With the right design, they can also inspire creativity and productivity. When adding your personalized touch, keep in mind the room should be fun, and consider growth and practicality. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite interior design tips that are both functional for children to learn and grow, while adding to the aesthetic of your home.

Multi-Functional Storage

Toy Corner



No matter your child’s age, they’ll always need storage. Using levels and layers maximizes the use of floor space, as seen with this toy corner. Baskets are useful because they can be tucked away, but are still easily accessible. Let the mess happen, knowing organization is just a reach away.

Homework Area



Create a “home office.” What kid doesn’t aspire to be like mom or dad? Set up a desk with stationery, books, and any materials they’ll need to do homework. The above photo uses painted wooden crates as a shelving unit to add functional wall decor. A fun activity to do as a family, you can decorate them based on the colours in the room. While you work in your own office, they’ll follow suit in theirs.

Reading Corner



A reading corner offers the perfect sanctuary for kids to exercise their minds. Displaying books on shelves means they’ll be in plain sight, and not out of mind. We love the idea of a bean bag in the reading corner. The more drawn your child is to the corner, the more likely they will be to get comfortable and pick up their book.

Personalize Your Home While Sparking Their Creativity

Chalk Wall



You don’t have to be a child to appreciate a chalk wall. With a modern and contemporary aesthetic, chalk walls provide a canvas for colours and patterns. Use chalk paint to create an accent wall or shape, and let your children add their creative touch.

Gallery Wall



While gallery walls are popular amongst adults, they are a great trend to incorporate into a child’s room as well. Use art your children have made themselves for an authentic wall collage.

Craft Table



Just like a home office, a craft table allows children to embrace their creativity. Design tip: paint walls white. As your child grows, their taste will inevitably change. With white walls, you can add pops of colour based on current trends and preferences.

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