Total Building Size – 382,230 sq. ft.

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Suite 230

Suite 220

Suite 210

Suite 200

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Project Location:
Project Info
Leasing Available

611 N. Brand Boulevard
Glendale, CA

Building Size:

382,230 sq. ft.

Property Manager:

Harry Keskerian
Property Manager
C: (424) 383-4115
[email protected]

Leasing Manager:

Kirk Bonnis
Leasing Manager
C: (213) 369-6938
[email protected]

Leasing Contact:

Bill Boyd
Executive Vice President
(626) 873-1801
[email protected]

Linda Lee
Executive Vice President
(626) 873-1802
[email protected]

Scott Unger
Senior Vice President
(626) 873-1803
[email protected]