June 22, 2018

Benefits of Living In a Master-Planned Community

We all want to live in our dream home, but what about our dream neighbourhood? Master-planned communities take home ownership to a new level, combining beautiful homes with well-designed infrastructure, to create a cohesive space to live, work, and play.

Designed completely in advance, these types of dwellings are built with synergy at its core and with residents in mind. If you’ve never considered a master-planned community before, let our new homes in Tsawwassen be your first. 


Stabilized Value
Home buyers want to secure a safe investment on their house, and who wouldn’t? With master planned communities, like the new homes for sale in Tsawwassen, you know in advance exactly what kind of developments will occur within and around the neighborhood, so you can feel good about the investment you’re making.

Another great feature of master planned communities are that they are built in strategic locations, often around high performing schools, big shopping centres or popular transit stations, and Tsawwassen Landing is no exception. These new townhomes in Tsawwassen are conveniently positioned close to the popular Tsawwassen Mills Shopping Centre, Centennial Beach Boundary Regional Park, and renowned golf clubs and courses including Tsawwassen Springs.


Whether you want to sweat, relax, or just spend time with friends, one of the greatest draws to these types of communities are the indoor and outdoor state-of-the-art amenities. At Tsawwassen Landing, green spaces are integrated into the natural landscape and include pedestrian pathways for walking and running, as well as playgrounds and outdoor courts for organized sports. An added bonus? These shared spaces are well-maintained throughout the year, making it easy to enjoy any time, day or season.

Convenience and Accessibility
As part of a master-planned community, new homes in Tsawwassen are designed to be easily accessible to residents by foot, bicycle and car. Daily needs are conveniently built within walking distance from homes or located close by, enabling residents to rely less on vehicle transportation. Additionally, infrastructure is designed to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion and facilitate safe cycling.


Sense of Community
The uniting design of master-planned communities provides residents with a greater sense of community, something we’ve carefully considered at Tsawwassen Landing. Shared amenities throughout the neighbourhood means it’s easier than ever to meet your neighbours, join in on block barbecues, or have your kids play together in the park nearby.

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